We believe in protecting our clients’ privacy

Our Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy aims at establishing transparency regarding how we collect, process, intend to use, and disclose our customers’ information. We provide our customers control over choosing when and how much of their information they wish to share while buying their favorite Indian dresses and allow us to use and disclose.

Moreover, in our privacy policy, we have made it clear that our customers’ privacy is our topmost priority, and we don’t let them compromise on it.  For all customers who visit and browse our website, you remain anonymous with no need to provide your personal information. However, we need your information and details at the time you are signing up with us. In another way, we will need your information when you are making an account on our website and logging in by using your username and password.

We are strictly abiding by the law in all our policies. Thereby, we only retain and use your information as long as the law allows us.


When you make an account on our website and want to place an order, we tend to collect some pieces of information. This information includes your name, email address, postal address, delivery address, mobile number, payment details, payment card details, or bank account details. This information is collected to process your order, entertain your claims, and for swift provision of services.

Moreover, whenever someone requests pages of our website, our web servers collect information, such as your internet-connected device’s domain name and IP address. This information is collected to evaluate the traffic we get on our website.


Our website also uses cookies. The cookies are used to identify how many times you have visited our websites and on which webpage that we own you spent the maximum of your time. However, we provide you the freedom to decide whether you want to allow cookies or not. You can do this by changing your browser’s setting and let only the number of cookies be used that you want. But, it would be best if you kept in mind that rejecting cookies means you may not get access to some of our website’s features. Let us tell you why we use cookies. It is to ensure content personalization on the website.


In the previous section, we shared a glimpse of how we use your information. Let us tell you in more detail how we use your information.  We use your information to process your order, enable swift financial transactions, entertain future claims, provide services, and ensure a better user experience by doing better customer research and providing a customized experience.

Moreover, we use this information to manage your registered account on our website and send you an e-newsletter related to useful tips on dressing, our items and services, our offers, sales, and the latest collection. All that you will love to receive on your email.  Finally, for the evaluation of traffic that falls on our website, we require the information.


There are certain conditions in which we need to disclose your information. But that we do while ensuring the proper security of your data or personal information. We only disclose your information when it is a part of a legal process involved on the website to ensure legal conformity.

Moreover, the information disclosure aims to prevent any person involved in illegal activities or third-party rights violations. This is highly crucial to avoid any unlawful practice.  However, as we have mentioned before, your privacy is our priority. To prevent any unintended loss of your information, any person getting access to your personal information unlawfully, or accidental data destruction, we have established strict standards and immediate measures to ensure maximum data security provision. Whenever we collect, use, or disclose your information, we make sure of procedural, electronic, and physical security measures. Due to all this, a hacker can hardly steal your data and violate your privacy.

Our server is secure to allow tension-free data sharing. To be more specific, we use Secure Socket Layer Coding for site encryption when you share your payment or account details with us. However, if you notice any unencrypted communication on our site ( in case), do not share any of your personal, debit card, or credit card, or any of the sensitive details with us. Otherwise, it may lead to scary outcomes.


For us, customers are of the utmost value. We provide our customers several rights to let you be in command. You can choose whether you want to receive an email or direct mail from us. Because when you provide us with your email address and some other personal information, we may use it to provide you some useful tips, tricks, sales updates, offers, and fashion insights. However, if you don’t wish to be acquainted with the latest trends and updates, you may unsubscribe to our newsletters.

Moreover, you may request to know which information of yours we possess. If you think you want to edit your personal information, you may reach out to us through our “contact us” section and get it changed. Furthermore, if you don’t wish to let us use the cookies, you can change the settings.


The email address that we request you to provide us at the time of registration is used to send you some highly useful marketing updates. It may include updates about our new luxury party wear collection, sales on the existing collection, offers, discount information on Indian dresses, giveaways, online social media contests, insights into useful tips and tricks to look chic on different occasions, and into the latest fashion trends. But, as we mentioned before, if you don’t wish to receive our emails, you can unsubscribe to our newsletters.


We only share your data when we are obliged to comply with legal orders. However, we assure you that we never share and sell your personal information for commercial purposes and unlawful or illegal purposes. As far as the retention is concerned, as per the law imposed on us, we can only retain your information for three years, that’s it. During this period, we securely save your personal information in our databases. However, about the data that is not necessarily required to retain, we retain your personal information unless you have an account with us on our website. Once you delete your account, we will stop processing your data and delete all the account details upon your request. With all your due consent, we will provide your information with our fulfillment partners to ensure swift processing of orders with the concerned authorities to comply with law enforcement orders. Our privacy policy is for everyone who has an account with us on the website, who visit our website, subscribe to our newsletters, follow our social media accounts, and provide the required information before participating in online contest and giveaways.


When you register and make an account on our website, we can use your personal information as per our brand’s legal requirements and important policies. However, we ensure proper security compliance while using your information. We are the authority to make any changes to our policies with prior email notifications to keep you updated.